All about Super Junior! ~On Hiatus~


Annyeong! This will be the first blog post that I will have ever put up in my life xD  As you may have noticed, this blog is dedicated mainly to Super Junior and the ELF that loves Super Junior very much! 15 forever 13elieve! A few days ago was special leader, Leeteuk’s birthday but I hadn’t created this blog yet! 😦 So I will wish him a Happy Birthday three days late! Happy Birthday Jung-su oppa! Saranghae! ^^ And now to give you a happy picture of Leeteuk…and his abs 😀 Leeteuk's Abs
As well, in 6 days time, it will be the second oldest, Heechul’s birthday, on July 10! And two days after that will be my birthday! How coincidental. ^^

P.S. On every of my posts, the title will be a new Korean word! I can’t speak it…yet, but I will be posting different words that I have learned so you may learn some useless random Korean words as well! Enjoy! 🙂


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