All about Super Junior! ~On Hiatus~

Korean Word of the Day

So, in order to keep up with the daily Korean word of the day…more like…Korean word of the whenever I can get on here, I have decided to post the Korean words onto this here page so it’s easier to find them! Happy learning! ^^

O-jin-go – Octopus! (like Jessica’s octopus hair in Gee :3) (오징고) Please correct me if I am wrong ^^;
Kwa-il – Fruit (과일)
Gahm-sa-hahm-nida – Thank you (formal) (감사합니다)
Jajangmyung – Black Bean Noodles 🙂 (자장뮨)
Il-yo-il – Sunday (일요일)
Dahl – Month (달)
Haengbok – Happy (행벅)
Otteoke – How (오떠케)
Chilwol – July (칠올)
Annyeong – Hello or Goodbye (Informal) (안녕)


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